Quick Statistics
  • aSa was founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1970. We were the first company ever dedicated to developing software for the reinforcing steel industry.
  • 19 members of our management team average 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • aSa serves more than 500 companies and 7,500 users.
  • aSa software is currently available in 7 languages; we plan to add more as we expand into new territories.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Jim Leib, Founder

Jim began his career with U.S. Steel. There, he was first exposed to computers and the rebar industry. Inspired by this experience, he founded aSa in 1969. Jim was a pioneer in the software business with his innovative and powerful rebar shearing optimization program. He also served on the board of directors of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. Today, Jim continues his work with aSa, helping with strategic initiatives and planning. Employee since: 1969

Michele Albert, Director, Business Systems

Michele oversees the design and development of the aSa Rebar Financials and Business Solutions products. Employee since: 1982 

Frank Zambotti, Director, Systems Integration

Frank works with aSa clients to configure appropriate hardware/software solutions, coordinates complete system implementations, and assists with general sales. Employee since: 1984 

Cathy Friend, Vice President, Software Development

Cathy is responsible for the overall development of aSa Reinforcing Software including CAD/Detailing, making sure that applications are consistent, well-integrated, and functional across all product lines. Employee since: 1985 

Mitchell Leib, Vice President, Operations

Originally, Mitch was a primary developer of aSa Reinforcing Software. Now, Mitch oversees day-to-day operations and is involved with accounting, payroll, human resources, and administration. He also assists with corporate strategic planning and product design. Employee since: 1985 

Tim Berg, Vice President, Business Development

Tim is an industry expert in rebar production systems, working closely with equipment manufactures including KRB, EVG, MEP/CRS, RMS, Schnell, and Stema-Pedax. Tim is involved with production system implementations and sales. Employee since: 1985 

Scott Leib, President, CEO

Initially, Scott began his career at aSa developing software for the Business Systems and Reinforcing Systems products. As president, Scott is involved in strategic planning, product design, marketing, sales, accounting, and some programming too. Employee since: 1987 

Dave Grundler, Vice President, Consulting Services

Dave started his career at aSa in Industrial Controls and then as a detailer in aSa’s Detailing Services department. Since then, Dave has become the aSa expert in CAD/Detailing as well as our complete line of Reinforcing System products. Today, Dave oversees our entire consulting group, focusing on effective implementations, training, and customer service. Employee since: 1988 

Victor Choltco, Director, Information Technology

Victor and the IT group research new technologies for aSa clients, configure and install PC hardware, provide service relating to hardware, networking, and operating system issues, and maintain aSa’s own in-house PC network. Employee since: 1996 

Jeff Cochrane, Director, Software Design

Jeff has a unique background, coming from a family-owned rebar fabrication business in North Carolina and also holding a B.S. in Computer Science. Jeff developed his own line of rebar software products and was hired by aSa in 1998 when the family business was sold. While Jeff helps with the design of all aSa applications, he is also one of the primary software engineers on staff – working on applications including Estimating, Production, Business Systems and CAD/Detailing.  Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the Rebar Industry. Employee since: 1998 

Andrew Wakefield, Director, Reinforcing Systems Design

Andrew’s primary focus is designing the next generation of aSa Reinforcing Systems software. Andrew has 30 years of experience in the rebar industry with OneSteel Reinforcing in Australia and was the primary architect of their in-house rebar production system. Employee since: 2011 

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