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"The software has been extremely stable, reliable, and easy to use. At the end of the day, we bought aSa for a specific purpose, and it has definitely fulfilled that purpose." 

Ben Mead
Brisreo Pty. Ltd.

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"Tracking trailer loading has really taken a load off my work schedule."

Dan Roche
rebars & mesh, inc.

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"Scrap production has been cut by more than half since we started using (aSa) software, and we now have very good control of all remnants company-wide."

Sam Costa
C&T Reinforcing Steel Co.

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Top photo: Massive infrastructure project.
Brisreo opened in 2009 specifically to provide reinforcing for the Brisbane Airport Link, Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. When finished this year, the “BrisConnections” Airport Link will include an underground toll road, a special bus-only road, and an airport roundabout. BrisReo uses aSa Bundle Inventory and Material Tracking to manage heat information and track bundle progress in the shop. (pg. 8)

Bottom Photo: SickKids Research Tower
C&T Steel is fabricating and installing reinforcing steel for the SickKids Research and Learning Tower. The structure is a “hub where researchers and learners can congregate and share ideas to transform the current state of child health care,” according to the SickKids Research Institute.

Client Success Stories

aSa Tracking Solutions in Action

From New England to Australia, fabricators rely on aSa Bundle Inventory, Material Tracking, and Load Tracking solutions

Hard-to-manage heat information and forgotten bundles are virtually a thing of  the past with aSa tracking modules. Showcased in this article are two companies that have successfully embraced aSa barcode technology. 

Rebars and Mesh ProjectDan Roche, Production Supervisor for Massachusetts-based rebars & mesh,inc., explains why his company implemented aSa Bundle Inventory, saying, “Everybody wants mill certs now, and we provide bona fide mill certs every time. The customers love it."

On the other side of the world from rebars & mesh, another rebar fabricator is in the final stages of providing steel for Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. Brisreo, a subsidiary of parent company Ausreo, was created specifically to fabricate material for Airport Link, the first major motorway connecting Brisbane city to the northern suburbs and the domestic and international airports. Thiess John Holland is the general contractor for the $4.8 billion project. 

Ben notes that before implementing aSa, shop employees were tracking heat numbers by manually writing them on their paperwork. “The guys are pretty good at scanning. Most of them came from other reinforcing shops, so they were used to it. They like the fact that they don’t have to be writing at the shearline,” he says.

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C&T Reinforcing Steel Embraces Innovation

aSa Computer Optimized Shearing helps Canadian fabricator improve efficiency in production planning, fabrication, and installation.

"We use the latest equipment and technology. That’s one of the key factors that sets our company apart from the competition,” says Sam Costa, owner and president of Toronto-based C&T Reinforcing Steel Co. 

C & T ProjectHe points to the company’s Calgary facility — which uses magnets to pull and count bars and conveyors to move steel through the shop — as an example of how advanced rebar equipment can improve productivity. Rebar software technology has also played a key role at C&T, where Sam and his staff have even developed their own custom applications to manage certain fabricating and placing information. 

One of the most beneficial ways C&T has embraced innovation is by implementing aSa Computer Optimized Shearing and aSa Opto-Shear consoles in its Toronto and Calgary fabricating shops . “We are focused on reducing scrap and becoming more efficient,” says Sam of the decision to go with aSa. One of the key advantages of aSa Computer Shearing, according to Sam, is the fact that it handles all the calculations. “It takes all the math off the operator and into the computer,” he says.

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