Accounting Solutions

Drive productivity and efficiency with powerful, fully integrated core financial accounting software.

Ensure superior performance in all of your business activities with integrated financial management software. Streamline activities, maximize efficiency and gain insight with in-depth functionality customizable to the specific needs of your business. User-friendly design and intuitive interface enhance workflow and increase efficiency and results. 

Accounts Payable 

Improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs and gain better control over expenditures with Accounts Payable. Automate vendor-related tasks, customize vendor management and payment procedures to suit the needs of your business. Simplify voucher entry by automatically calculating sales taxes, discounts and due dates, as well as by defaulting general ledger accounts, payment terms, and 1099 information. Quickly access key information for day-to-day tasks and period-end processing and generate reports.


Accounts Receivable 

Improve cash flow and enhance customer service through more effective management of your entire collections process. Accounts Receivable streamlines every step in your collection process from invoice entry to payment, calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions, and due dates, and automatically updates the General Ledger account. Group customers into parent and subsidiary relationships to facilitate orders, record payments, and check credit for all affiliated companies. Monitor customer accounts more efficiently with up-to-the-minute statistical summaries, transaction listings and in-depth management reports.


Cash Management 

Streamline transaction processing and reconciliations for more efficient, accurate cash management and planning. Cash Management enables you to quickly and easily handle and track a wide range of bank transactions—including deposits, withdrawals, adjustments, interest earnings and charges, bank fees, and transfers between bank accounts—with pinpoint accuracy. Extensive drill-down and drill-around capabilities deliver fast, convenient access to transaction details and source information. Cash Management easily integrates with other Sage ERP 500 modules for extended capabilities.



General Ledger 

Keep your business on track and make timely, informed decisions with fast, accurate access to critical financial data. General Ledger combines powerful functionality and flexibility with user-defined options to accommodate the most complex company structures. Set up an unlimited number of companies and customize your own chart of accounts, or choose from over a dozen industry-specific selections to use as-is or modify for quick, easy implementation. Maintain budget data in a spreadsheet if desired, and then update the general ledger accounting information through a direct Excel link. Run virtually unlimited reports with extensive drill-down capabilities to view everything from detailed journal entries to original source documents.


Multicurrency Manager 

Optimize your international opportunities with streamlined, flexible management of multiple currencies, exchange schedules, and currency fluctuations. Multicurrency Manager creates and maintains an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules and provides the critical data you need for more informed decision making and improved trend analysis. Update exchange rates on a daily basis and automatically record realized or unrealized gains and losses due to currency fluctuations to the assigned general ledger accounts. Standard reports and registers create a complete audit trail of detail activity before posting. Retain detail postings and monthly summaries for an unlimited number of years for year-to-year comparisons.



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