Where will you be when '2D is good enough' isn't good enough?

Increasingly, owners, designers, and builders are embracing 3D building information modeling (BIM) technology in concrete construction.

Here’s why:

3D Modeling allows for virtual collaboration. 
All stakeholders have a clear, visual way to cooperate and evaluate project details pre-fabrication and pre-construction.

3D Modeling reveals conflicts early. 
Experienced project teams have learned that the sooner a problem is found, the more quickly and economically it can be solved.

3D Modeling reduces jobsite risk. 
Visualizing design intent in the field helps prevent costly mistakes and delays, impacting work across trades.

3D Modeling saves valuable time. 
Updating and sharing information between team members in real time means a faster start and a more reliable finish.

3D Modeling automates tedious work. 
By eliminating redundant and unnecessary manual processes, BIM technology produces better results in far less time.

3D Modeling is interoperable.
Because the IFC format can be written and read by nearly all BIM software packages (including ProConcrete), all stakeholders can share BIM data, regardless of their preferred tools. 

3D Modeling is a benefit that lasts. 
Owners inherit an information-rich model that can reduce long-term maintenance, expansion, leasehold improvement, and adaptive reuse costs.

Introducing ProConcrete

A powerful 3D BIM tool that’s remarkably easy to use.

ProConcreteTM is an advanced 3D CAD platform used to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. In addition to improving project turn-around time, the system allows concrete and rebar to be fully realized components  of each  project's vision.

Contractors and engineers, as well as precast, post-tension, and cast-in-place rebar fabricators all benefit from ProConcrete’s powerful tools.


aSa is proud to be a Bentley partner in the development of ProConcrete and ProRebar. At aSa, we brings decades of experience in steel reinforced concrete production control systems into better solutions for concrete construction.

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