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CAD/Detailing is aSa's 2D detailing product. Looking for Building Information Modeling (BIM)? Visit our ProRebar page. ProRebar is our 3D modeling solution specifically designed for the needs of rebar fabricators.

"I had a job with hundreds of columns, and all of them were continuous ties. I was able to draw the ties in Shape Manager, add the ties to Tie Manager, then detail them using aSa CAD/Detailing's Column tool with no problems. To detail them by hand would have taken me forever!”

H.V. Nawlin
Senior Detailer/Project Coordinator
Florida Technical Resource Center
Tampa, FL

aSa Rebar CAD/Detailing Software

Designed to exceed the needs of rebar detailers, fabricators, placers, and engineers, aSa CAD/Detailing combines the engineering design tools of Bentley Systems’ top-rated CAD product, MicroStation, with aSa-developed applications for project management and detailing. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with all other modules in aSa’s suite of rebar software products.

Using aSa and MicroStation tools, you’ll detail as you draw in CAD, ensuring accurate bar placement and eliminating tedious calculations. The program automates every aspect of the detailing process, from initial project setup, to creating the drawing, producing accurate bar details, and advanced reporting. Material takeoff is also completely automated, so you’ll never forget or duplicate material to be fabricated.

  • Reduce shortages & errors
    Built-in calculations and error-checking help prevent mistakes. The system tracks and color-codes each item, so you always know what is taken-off and what remains.
  • Turn projects around quicker
    aSa software automates every step of the detailing process, from initial project setup to easy material takeoff directly from the drawing.
  • Eliminate complicated CAD file imports
    MicroStation V8 allows you to open and modify native AutoCAD® files.
  • Accommodate fabricating and placing needs
    Tag messages, special material groupings, and placer-specific reports allow the detailer to help shop and field crews work more efficiently.
  • Detail rebar and everything else
    Include rebar, plain round, mesh, and all accessories on your drawing.
  • Automate drawing and detailing of structures such as beams and columns
    Built-in tools calculate required steel and place these and other common structure types, including linear and circular areas, openings, and footings. You enter the basics such as clearances and laps, and the program handles all the drawing and detailing.
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Easily organize your jobs and drawings.
MicroStation CAD drawing tools complement aSa detailing functionality.
Powerful rebar tools automatically calculate and place linear and circular areas, beams, columns, openings, footings, and more.
Automatically create material lists directly from the drawing with aSa Takeoff.
Connections to downstream aSa operations allow you to view fabrication and shipping status for your detailed bars right from the drawing.

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