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ProRebar is aSa's Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for rebar fabricators. If you are looking to create placing drawings using traditional 2D drafting, check out aSa CAD/Detailing.

"aSa certainly is, and has been for some time, the industry leader in rebar systems and software."

Charles Wheeler
Rebar Division Director
Drake-Williams Steel, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

aSa ProRebar BIM Software

ProRebar® is an advanced 3D CAD software tool used to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. In addition to improving project turn-around time, the system allows concrete and rebar to be fully realized components of each project’s vision via Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The ProRebar package combines Bentley ProConcreteTM, a powerful 3D modeling engine, with special aSa tools designed for rebar fabricators and placing firms. Quickly and accurately model all components of your structure, including concrete, rebar, mesh, connectors, and other accessories. The system handles cast-in-place and precast concrete elements. ProRebar provides a database-level connection from the 3D model to downstream aSa operations.

From a single ProRebar model, you can automatically generate 2D rebar placing drawings, bar bending schedules, and parts lists. Changes to the 3D model update all related drawings and documents.

  • Eliminate tedious drawing tasks
    Built-in tools and templates allow you to model concrete and rebar quickly and accurately. Even complex shapes can be easily reinforced without the need to draw individual bars.
  • Connect to aSa downstream operations
    ProRebar has unparalleled connections to aSa’s suite of rebar applications, giving detailers access to key information — such as takeoff, fabricating, and mill cert data — for all the reinforcing contained in the model.
  • Easily detect congestion problems View modeled concrete and rebar from any angle or distance to find and correct congestion problems or design flaws before they become issues at the jobsite.
  • Share data with other modeling products
    Bentley’s Integrated Structural Model (ISM) technology lets ProRebar share model data with other 3D tools, such as Revit®, STAAD®, and RAM®.
aSa ProRebar Image Tour

Building information modeling (BIM) allows rebar detailing to be a fully realized component of the overall project.
Special tools allow you to easily model concrete and rebar in 3D.
Powerful integration: bar shapes in your model are automatically associated with bend shapes predefined in your aSa database.
Automatically create 2D detail drawings from your 3D model.
Flexible format allows you to review and share 3D model data easily.

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