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About aSa eLearn

aSa eLearn is aSa’s online learning center. The system lets you take classes, view your progress, test your knowledge, and more … all from any device connected to the Internet.

Train at your own pace on your own schedule

The classes are available 24/7. Within each course, you can follow the recommended learning path or jump to any section where you need additional help.

2 Types of Courses

eLearn contains two basic types of courses:

  • Training videos - Quick "watch and learn" videos, typically covering a single subject.
  • Certificate courses - In-depth courses with multiple sections, quizzing, and certificates, as described below.  

Test your knowledge

Many courses include a quiz, so you can see how well you retained the material. If you’re having trouble with a certain section, you can review the lessons and retake the quiz.

Print certificates for completed courses

After you have viewed all required lessons and passed the course quiz, the system
automatically generates a PDF completion certificate that you can download and print for your records.

Supervisors: Review employee learning status

Real-time reports show learner progress for each course, quiz scores, and more. Please contact us to request supervisor reports.

How it works

  • When you launch eLearn, you will be prompted to log in. (See your credentials to the right on this page.)
  • Once you are logged into eLearn, you can:
    • Browse the course catalog
    • Take as many classes as you want. In the course catalog, simply click Get This Course next to the courses you want to take. 
Note: Courses remain active for 30 days from your enrollment, so don't enroll until you are ready to start.
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